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Me with Steve Jones
Me with Steve Jones

It is not very often you attend a session in a technical event and come out and say “wow, that makes a lot of sense”. I need to do “that” starting today. I had the chance to attend not one but two such sessions – one at NYC SQL Saturday in a session by Steve Jones on “The Modern Resume: Building Your Brand” and another at the Columbia SQL Saturday for a session by  Andy Warren titled “Building a Professional Development Plan”.

I am in no way trying to trivialize the other sessions. They were great in their own right but they were all technical sessions. They were not life-transforming though 😉

This is my entry into the blogosphere as a direct result of what I heard in those two sessions – As Steve put it, what makes you different? “A technical blog is a good start since only 10% of the people seemed to have one. Immediately, you have set yourself apart from 90% of the people out there” – such a simple concept but how true! Thanks Steve.  There were plenty of other good suggestions in the session. Whenever I get some spare time, I am going to try to blog small snippets of my experiences with Oracle, SQL Sever and anything else that catches my fancy on the technology side.

After the event (for which I was there as a speaker, speaking on Partitioning), I had the chance to meet Steve in person. For a person of his stature, he is very down-to-earth and casual.

If you were unfortunate enough to not be able to attend the event, you can read more on his website on this specific subject.  He might present that again in another SQL Saturday.

As for the other session by Andy Warren in Columbia, SC, the subject matter was similar but was specifically on having a “Professional Development Plan” – a road map to your own future.

Thank you for sharing the story of your success – Andy and Steve.


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  1. Welcome to the club! Keep in mind you’re doing this to further your career, and you’ll make it happen. Stick with it long enough and you will start seeing new opportunities reveal themselves. If I can help you in any way, let me know!

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