SQL Server: Detach/Attach Gotchas!

Please checkout my post on "Moving Datafiles" which is very related to this method but is preferred more. One would think that detaching and attaching databases is one of the simplest things to do. It is. However, there are so many things that can break by that simple operation by itself and nothing more. Recently, … Continue reading SQL Server: Detach/Attach Gotchas!

Parsing Out Oracle TNSNames.ora Using PowerShell

TNSNames.ora If you work with Oracle, you are no stranger to TNSNames.ora whether or not you currently use it. In short, it is a local/network configuration file used by the Oracle client(s) to point and connect to Oracle databases. One could use other methods like LDAP or EZConnect as alternatives but TNSNames.ora is more common … Continue reading Parsing Out Oracle TNSNames.ora Using PowerShell