Quick Tip: “Paste” shortcut key + why is copy/paste so hard in the PowerShell command line?

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If you wanted to paste text into the PowerShell command line console, you can right-click. That is great but command line people usually try to avoid the mouse and stay with keyboard shortcuts whenever they can.

Having said that, to paste with keyboard short-cut, you need to do this



ALT+SPACE+E (follow-up with E to get to Edit)


ALT+SPACE+E+P to paste!

I think this is a real punishment for “keyboard preferring” users. The mouse-happy crowd probably couldn’t care less about PowerShell. Hopefully, the PowerShell team will introduce a short-cut like SHIFT+INS in UNIX shells.





Just Select 1) Start marking: ALT+SPACE+E+K
2) Right or Left arrow to move around
3) Shift+Right Arrow to mark text to copy
4) Hit Enter


Right-click ALT+SPACE+E+P

Please do comment if there is a way to configure our own short-cut keys.


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